Funding and Resource Management

Providing support for the launch and implementation of Apereo community projects


FARM provides support for the launch and implementation of community projects to improve Apereo software by:

  • Making enhancement projects visible
  • Soliciting feedback
  • Identifying and connecting stakeholders with common interests
  • Cataloging processes and templates to create efficiencies
  • Coordinating mechanisms for funding and development.


Our vision is to create a hub of innovation and community, where creative ideas for transforming and improving Apereo projects can flourish and lead to enhancements that realize the full potential of our software for improving the educational experience.

About this Site

As you explore the FARM website, you will find that we have grouped information into the following areas:

  • Seeds: Wishlist items for brainstorming and discussion
  • Greenhouse: A space for emerging or potential projects to come together and form a project team
  • Current Crop: Updates on FARM projects that are currently in progress
  • Harvest: Information about completed FARM projects
  • FARM Tools: A collection of resources to help you get your project growing
  • FAQs: Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Contact Us: How to get in touch with the FARM team