What ideas are currently in the Greenhouse?

Sakai Modernize Forums

The Sakai Modernize Forums proposal was the top vote getter on FARM's idea generation board. Among the ideas being discussed for Forums improvements are updating the interface to modern web standards, reviewing usability and reducing the number of clicks to see and post messages, and creating more interactive social features. To join the group please contact Chris Lorch, chris.lorch at .

Sakai Site Start/End Dates Management 

A simple way to manage dates of course shells copied forward from semester to semester.
See for more details. Please contact Kyle Malmberg, kyle.malmberg at .

Sakai Samigo Test and Quiz tool

Samigo is the core Test and Quiz engine for Sakai. While Samigo has many different features that teachers need, we want to understand the main use cases and tweak Samigo to better meet pedagogical needs. Contact Shawn Foster, shawn.foster at . 

Sakai Evalsys (Contrib tool - Evaluation System)

The EvalSys tool (Evaluation System) is a great tool for surveys, course evaluations, and other assessments, but it needs some work to make it more modern. Please contact Martin Ramsay, martin at .