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Sakai Native Rubrics


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Start and End Dates

(Note that these dates are tentative)
Phase 1 - Start Date in January 2017
Phase 2 - Start Date in fourth quarter of 2017
Phase 3 - TBD


In response to client requests, Longsight has plans to initiate a project for the development of native grading rubrics in Sakai. The benefit to native rubrics is that, as a core feature of the LMS, the rubric functionality would be available to all Sakai users without additional recurring licensing fees for an external third party service. Additionally, there would be no need to update the external rubric integration each time there is a new Sakai release.

The rubrics development work began after the release of Sakai 11. We estimated that the work would be completed in three phases, with the basic rubric interface to be added to GradebookNG in the first phase, and integration with additional Sakai tools to be accomplished in the following two phases. In practice, phase 2 (Assignments) actually was developed first, with phase 1 (Gradebook) happening second. Overall, the work on rubrics would expand the capability for instructor assessment and grading options, help to establish GradebookNG as the central hub for all grade-related activities, and pave the way for possible future functionality such as connecting rubrics with analytics and/or learning outcomes.

Phase 1 - Basic rubric grading interface in GradebookNG ($22,500)
Phase 2 - Basic rubric grading integration with Assignments ($15,000)
Phase 3 - Rubric management and sharing features, as well as rubric grading integration with Forums ($30,000)

Current Phase

Phase 1 and 2 in progress.  Phase 3 to be determined once phases 1 and 2 are complete.

Sept. 2017 Update - Unicon's work on the rubric service needs some additional work before it can be added to Sakai core. Longsight is working on this, as well as the GradebookNG integration. Rubrics did not make the code freeze cutoff for Sakai 12.0, but we are hopeful that they will be added in a 12.1 or 12.2 release early in 2018.

Dec. 2016 Update - Unicon has created the rubric service and is working on integrating it into the Sakai Assignments tool. Longsight will continue to expand the integration by adding rubrics to Gradebook. Rubrics are targeted for inclusion in Sakai 12.



Brevard College, LAMP Consortium, Longsight, Inc., New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New York University, Oregon Health & Science University, Pepperdine Univeristy, Point University, Unicon, Uniformed Services University.


You may contact Wilma Hodges at Longsight with questions.

Resource Status

Longsight, Inc. and Unicon will be splitting the work and managing their respective development resources for the project. Phases 1 and 2 are fully funded, and Phase 3 is partially funded.

Searching for

Funding contributions toward Phase 3 welcome. 

Contributions in kind for participation in UX testing and UI feedback, as well as QA testing are also welcome.

Other Links (Website, Source Code, Jiras, etc.)

Slides from June 5, 2017 presentation at Open Apereo: The Sakai Rubrics Project - A Community Update

January, 2017 - Recording demonstrating rubric work to date done by Unicon

Recording of the August 10, 2016 community webinar to provide an update on the project 

Recording of the April 12, 2016 preliminary review of wireframes outlining the initial brainstorming and roadmap for project: